About US


1.      Apple Matrimonial was registered under the Kerala Shops& Commercial Establishment Act 1960(Sec 34 of 1960) in favour of Shri K. Chandran, a retired Junior Commissioned Officer of Indian Army in the  City heart at Angadipuram in Malappuram Dist just near to the famous "THIRUMADHAMKUNNU TEMPLE" and between the TALI TEMPLE during the year 2009 as a shelter of Apple Security Service Trust for public Charitable purpose to create employment opportunity in security service fields, especially aiming the retired  Armoured Forces, Police Forces and Para Military Personnel.  As a Charitable trust our aims to help the poor family girls from the financial  help from the registered customers by accepting their donation after the marriage of the couples.   However our registration fees of Rs 1500/(Rupees One Thousand five hundred only) is mandatory to smooth functioning of the Charitable Trust.  Our other commitments are to work for educational,cultural, social and econmic advancement to those in need, distress, helpless, such as financial  help for marriage of poor girls, children in School and college and other educational institutions irrespective of caste, creed,sex, age, religion or nationality.

2.     Our Official Address are as Under :-

          MALAPPURAM-DIST, PIN-676123
          KERALA STATE-PIN CODE- 679321
          Phone: 0483-3250545. E Mail ID: applematry478@gmail.com

Customer Care :          *                 8129544555        -  All Caste, complaints&Greivance

                                                            8129499555       -  NAIR and  Higher Caste
                                                            9072919282-      -  Muslim& Christians                                                    

                                                            8129599555       -  Ezhava   &VISWAKARMA ALL
                                                             8129644555      -  SC All                                                

1      South Indian Bank                    -     1.     CA-0537073000000083 in favour of APPLE MATRIMONIALS
        Kozhikode Road
        Angadipuram IFSC Code- SIBL0000537 
2.     Federal Bank , Angadipuram     -     3.     SB Acct: 11280100211353, infavour of K Chandran
3      State Bank of Travancore          -     4.     SB Acct: 57018099361, infavour of  K Chandran      
        Malappuram, IFSC Code 7196

Mode of Payment:-         On registering the data/profile immediately remit Rs 1500 for First Marriage& Rs 2000 for Divorce/widowed/legally second marriages respectively to the above accounts/through DD/ or Money Order    .  On confirming the credit suitable data/profile will be sent/given to the registered members on free of cost till fixing the mariage.

Our Services:  Profile can be submitted through this web site or directly in our office. We receive only fully completed 
profiles, strictly validated profiles are made available for public searching. The working hours starts from 0900h to 1730 h.  The data/profile can be available for registered members in the login Area.  The same
will be available via VPPs. Adressee should be pay the applicable charge. Registration fees once paid  will not be
 refunded at any cirmstances.We are also giving concession to those who are living from poor families, handicaped, daughters of retired  Defence Forces, Para Military and Police Personnel whose concession charge is minimum to rs 500/- for each registration.

1.     Apple Matrimonials                                     
        Valanchery(Malappuram-Dist)                      -Temporarlysuspended.
         Room No VP 9/1061
         Pattambi  Road
         Opp:Kannankandy Show Room
         Near NISSAR HOSPITAL,Valanchery

2.      Apple  Matrimonials                                  - Phone:0494-2125779, Mobile 9562758579
         KM  Complex
         Tazhepalam, TIRUR

3        Apple Matrimonials (OwnBranch)              - 04933249555,8129599555                   
           Near, Tali Temple
           Kozhikode Road, Angadipuram

4.        Sakhi Matrimonials                                - 04662212235
            T.K Building                                               Mob:9539371444,9539372444
             Opp Private Bus Stand, Pattambi

5.         Manavam Vivaha Bureau                   -  Ph-0495-2482445
            Market Building                                       Mob: 9349516495,9387401445
            Main Road, Feroke,Calicut-673631

6.          Apple Matrimonials                            -   Ph: 9744890197, 9497112268
              C/O Rajasree Associates
              Near LIC Office
              MSM College Junction

7.           Apple Matrimonials                             -Mobile: 9142463463
               C/O Vismaya Internet Cafe
              Peramangalam -Post
              Trissur-Dist- Pin Code-680545

8.            Iswarya Matrimonials&Placement Service-Ph:9605030560,8547541989.
               NM Complex,GroundFlour
               West Nadakav,Calicut                             Email-Geethasasikuar2011@gmail.com

1.      Personnel / firms who are willing to take franchaisee from their respective areas will remit a franchaisee fees of Rs 5000/-(Rupees five thousand only) to the Company account No CA 0537073000000083 in favour of Apple Matrimonials maintaint with South Indian Bank, Angadipuram or SB Account No 11280100211353 in favour of Mr K Chandran, Fedeal Bank Angadipuram, or SB A/C No 57018099361 in favour of K Chandran , SBT, Malappuram.

2.      On confirming the Credit of amount our representative/Managing Director himself visited the area office of the franchaisee personally and will activate the web site for their office use.  Franchaise will hand over a copy of their ID Proof with a recent passport size photograph to the Company and to be enterred into an agreement thereafter.